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Laziness is a lack of interest in anything. In this book, we see the reasons of laziness such as procrastination, distraction, exhaustion, indecisiveness, poor nutrition, lack of motivation, lack of self -worth.

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Attitude is a state of mind consisting of feelings, thoughts, and a tendency to act towards anything we come across. In this book, we try to explain to the readers how a positive attitude can change the course of bad circumstances to own advantage

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Anxiety Stress and Depression

The body gives some natural responses to events or situations. However, too much of anything is dangerous. Anxiety, Stress, and Depression are the results of too much thinking. This book reflects how to overcome ASD and keep balance in life.

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Pinku and Dadaji Series

The Series Made For Kids

Pinku and Dadaji Conversation go above board the normal thinking with real life examples that will inspire you to read more. Two advantages of reading these books 1. Knowledge Enhancement and 2. Self Development.