Honesty is the best policy

Only those can be honest, who are truthful to themselves. In this book, we try to teach that honesty is a facet of moral character, it induces trust in others, it is the most difficult to practice, and the only thing which will drive to live full.

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Prime-stories.com is a collection of conversations between Dadaji (Grandfather) and Pinku (Grandson). In
India since ages it is a tradition that Grandfathers and Grandmothers used to tell stories to their
grandchildren and inputted values and culture in them. They also give their thoughts of goodness and
kindness so that this world becomes a better place to live. To keep up this tradition alive, we have
created this site and thus created a virtual Dadaji who is still pouring his experiences and sharing the
values which are most required for kids to develop. Hope you enjoy reading these conversations. I request
parents to read these conversations themselves and encourage their kids to read these conversations





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